Whether you are starting a new sport, prepare for your cycling season or would like to improve your performance in golf, Strom has developed a new treatment that is perfect for die hard athletes and casual ones. Developed by our specialized therapists (kinesitherapists, ortho therapists, physical therapist, sports massage therapists), this treatment aims to relieve or rehabilitate any injury related to your favorite sport and to give you the tools necessary to prevent possible injury and to improve sports performance.

    MON-THUR 90 min.
    First session only
    MON-THUR 60 min.
    Following sessions
    ANYTIME 90 min.
    First session only
    ANYTIME 60 min.
    Following sessions

    Additional options

    Body: warm essential oils
    Body: after effort recovery balm
    Body: heated stones
    Face: nourishing, protective and regenerative cream
    Hair: treatment with shea butter & essential oils
    Exfoliating and hydrating treatment for hands or feet
    Exfoliating and hydrating treatment duo hands and feet