In this unique relaxation experience, you are lying on a heated waterfilled mattress that wraps around every curve of your body. The effect of suspension and weightlessness is immediate and quickly followed by a soothing effect on the mind. Strategically placed water jets provide your body a massaging effect that maximizes the release of tension. The Zerobody experience is accompanied by a guided mindfulness meditation developed to enable you to achieve a state of deep relaxation on both the physical and mental level. A 30-minute or 60-minute session is enough for the body to feel all the benefits of the synergy of flotation, massage and meditation.
Reservation required by phone or on site.

  • Zerobody experience

    Zerobody transports your body and mind beyond all constraints for a deep relaxation experience with regenerating powers. With the Zerobody bed you are able to enjoy all the benefits of an immersion bath (flotation bath) without having to get wet.

    Note: Rates from Monday to Thursday exclude holidays and high season.

    30 MIN. 60 MIN.
    MON-THUR (Before 10:30 am)
    Except holidays and high season
    Except holidays and high season
    Anytime (Before 10:30 am)