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Take good care of yourself

Strøm Nordic Spa is the ideal wellness partner. Our mission with this page is to help companies guide their employees and members in their quest for balance. By sharing the link to this page, your organisation is encouraging you to take care of yourself. The Strøm has designed exclusive wellness offers for you: discounted gift cards, readings on wellness at work and more. This page will be constantly evolving, new offers will be available shortly. Stay tuned!


Plan your next visit to Strøm with a discounted gift card. Take advantage of discounts on our Strøm privilege, absolute relaxation and advantage packages. Treat yourself to a moment of unparalleled relaxation. Gift cards on this page are already discounted.

Enter the contest

Wellness contest for PARTNERS

Enter to win a $100 gift card to the Strøm Nordic Spa of your choice. One draw per month will be held. You have until noon on the last day of the given month to enter. The winner will be contacted by email.


Read our wellness articles

The benefits of massage therapy

Did you know that addition to offering you a moment of deep relaxation, massage therapy has several active benefits that contribute to improve your physical and mental health? Here are a few good reasons to get a massage this month. […]

The benefits of the thermal experience

Practiced for thousands of years, Thermotherapy is a wellness ritual based on the external use of water for therapeutic purposes. Alternating between hot and cold temperatures followed by a period of deep relaxation, the thermal experience has many benefits. Feasible twelve months a year, rain or shine, it helps to reduce stress and revive the body and mind. […]

Strøm Nordic Spa Saint-Sauveur: From a Private Home to a Large-Scale Spa

After establishing its presence on Nuns’ Island, in Mont-Saint-Hilaire and Sherbrooke, then on the banks of the St. Lawrence in Old Quebec, Strøm Nordic Spa is proud to be able to become the centre of balance for a new community by settling in the Laurentians, where the tradition of Nordic spas is already firmly established.

Recognition at Work: Creator of Natural Momentum

The need for recognition is a basic human need. It is related to our need for belonging— that is, to exist with others. This is why we naturally seek to be recognized or considered by the members of the various social groups to which we belong: in our family, in our social circles, and—of course—at work.  

Slow working: The cure for professional burn-out?

“I’m doing OK, I just have a lot going on right now.” 

“All my projects are going so well that I don’t have time for myself!” 

“I love my job so much it’s hard to mentally check out.” 

Many of us have probably heard similar responses to “How are you?” Isn’t our vision of success influenced by this ideal of being a super-performer? Endless to-do lists, agendas booked to the max and concurrent projects have, for way too long, been glorified. Being constantly busy has become an indicator of social status. Unfortunately, it often leads to generalized exhaustion.  

Isn’t slowing down the logical solution in this situation? 

Cooking for Better Treatment

In North America, nutrition often represents only a small fraction of the training for future doctors. However, this trend is about to change with the emergence of projects such as the one launched by the faculty of medicine at the Université Laval, which has become the first French-speaking university in the Americas to offer a culinary medicine course1. This course integrates all aspects of nutrition, not just the usual notions about the role of nutrients for our health. It there- fore allows the subject to be approached from several angles; the theoretical and practical aspects of nutrition are discovered there, but also its social dimension.

Entrepreneuriat social : Suivre la flamme qui nous anime

Animées par une volonté de faire du bien autour d’elles, Joanie Lacroix, fondatrice de Pastel Fluo, et Claudine Labelle, fondatrice de Fillactive, racontent comment les épreuves que la vie a déposées sur leur chemin leur ont dévoilé leur véritable vocation. Aujourd’hui, elles mettent leur passion au service des autres dans le but d’avoir un impact positif réel et durable.

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Share the wellness offer with your employees and members. Dowload these posters and share it so they can take advantage of exclusives offers. For more specific visual needs, please contact us at [email protected]


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You can download our logos and photos of our facilities from our media gallery. You can use these photos to promote the wellness offer or to make you dream about your next visit to one of the Strøm locations.

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