Promote the productivity and well-being of your teams by offering a Disconnection Day. Invest in your employees’ well-being, boosting job satisfaction and loyalty to your company. Add it to your employee benefits package.

Ready to make Disconnection Day a tradition of well-being within your company?

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There are several advantages to offering a Disconnection Day:

  1. Attracting and retaining talent: Well-being benefits can play a crucial role in attracting and retaining talent. Offering these types of benefits can help you remain competitive in the market when recruiting and retain existing employees.
  2. Increased productivity: Well-rested and relaxed employees are more likely to be productive and creative. Investing in well-being can therefore indirectly contribute to an increase in productivity and the quality of work.

3. Improved employee well-being: An extra day off for relaxation in the Strøm Nordic Spa facilities is conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation. By swapping a day at work for a day of relaxation planned just for them, employees will enjoy a moment of disconnection that’s all the more satisfying because they will not have had to reorganize their personal schedule to take advantage of it.

4. Enhanced job satisfaction: Well-being initiatives demonstrate that the company values its employees’ well-being through concrete action, thereby enhancing job satisfaction. Satisfied employees are more likely to remain committed and loyal to their company.

5. Reduction of stress and burnout: By offering a day off and an entry to the spa, the employer contributes to the reduction of stress and burnout. The employer has a positive impact on the mental health of its employees and, through this initiative, encourages a better work-life balance.

6. Improved organizational climate: Well-being initiatives create a positive organizational climate. Employees are more likely to perceive the company as caring about their work-life balance, which can improve the corporate culture and relations between colleagues and with managers.

In short, offering a day off and entry to Strøm Nordic Spa means investing in the company’s human capital by promoting employee well-being, job satisfaction and lasting professional relationships.

How can you take part?

  1. Purchase entries to Disconnection Day at a very advantageous rate. Implement the process internally so that every employee can benefit from one Disconnection Day per year.

  2. Add an extra day off to the calendar or use an existing flexible leave day and turn it into a Disconnection Day.

  3. Inform your employees that they must ask their manager to use their Disconnection Day.

  4. Once the request has been approved by the manager, send the employee their entry to the thermal experience by email, along with the link to participate.

  5. A toolkit to help you promote Disconnection Day internally and externally in your job offers will be made available to you.

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Client reviews

Gabrielle T. – Personnel Management Officer at DRHCAJ

Our employees are very happy and grateful to be able to take advantage of discounts at your locations and online to help them relax or give gifts to their loved ones. Thank you again for this wonderful partnership, which has lasted for several years!

Cynthia L. – Executive Advisor – Health Prevention and Promotion – CIUSSS du Nord-de-l’Île-de-Montréal

We are very pleased to have been partnering with Strøm for almost 4 years. This partnership has added value to our health and well-being program for our employees. Every time we communicate with our partner, we feel that we are a priority for them. It’s a great source of pride to work with such a caring company!

Isabelle C. – Eco-creator and NLP Coach

Our slowpreneur day at Strøm after a mountain hike was a breath of fresh air for our team. The magnificent scenery and relaxing moments at the spa inspired new ideas and greater team spirit. This experience will remain engraved in our memories as a precious reminder of the importance of taking care of ourselves while pursuing our professional ambitions.

Frequently asked questions

Write to us at [email protected] to access the Employer Client section. Here you can purchase a Disconnection Day, take advantage of our toolbox to facilitate employee communications, and read our clients’ comments.

By implementing this initiative, you are investing in the well-being of your employees and improving job satisfaction, productivity, and talent retention.

Yes, the Disconnection Day must be purchased by the employer. The price varies according to the quantity purchased. The Disconnection Day package includes an entry to the thermal experience valid at all Strøm Nordic Spa locations, from Monday to Friday or every evening after 5 p.m. The regular price per thermal experience is $64 + tax, and applicable discounts may be up to 40%, again depending on quantity. It is up to the employer to decide whether this day off will be paid or not. Contact our advisors at [email protected] 

When you offer Disconnection Day to your employees, you will have access to the client section for employers. This section offers guidance and a toolbox to help you communicate this initiative effectively to your employees, so as to promote a positive reception.