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The Strøm team continues its quest for the best relaxation experiences all the way to Ecuador, more precisely Papallacta and Banos. These “water cities” are greatly renowned for their thermal springs and also for their luxurious spas offering unique services. Discover an idyllic and grandiose universe!

Las Piscinas de la Virgen (Virgin hot springs)Baños

Baños is a village nestled in the middle of the mountains. Famous for its thermal springs, it sits right at the foot of the active volcano Tungurahua. The region has many thermal springs imbedded in a lush green landscape and locals as well as tourists enjoy the thermal experience. During the day it is possible to observe the active volcano and hear it rumble. Known for its healing properties, the yellowish water originating from the volcano smells of sulfur. Charged with iron and magnesium, these waters are calming and anti-inflammatory, and they also have dermatological, anti-allergic and diuretic benefits and more.

IMG_7182For a couple of dollars, you have the chance to spend the afternoon or the evening lounging in the open air baths whose temperatures are very cold, warm (like a pool), hot or very hot. The basin with the very hot water is a rather extreme experience. Since the water is burning hot, very few people are able to swim in it and only a couple of fearless and reckless men succeed. The most used basin with the warm water has a spectacular view of an enormous thermal water fall. The sound of the water fall invites to relax, but since there is no rule to keep quiet, the ambiance is rather festive during peak periods. Even children participate in this festive atmosphere since they have access to all the baths.

In Ecuador, the thermal baths are much more than just a place to relax. They turn out to be the place to be to spend a moment with the family, to meet new people, go on a date or to finish the day in style with friends and colleagues. The Ecuadorian people are known to be warmhearted and it is very obvious when one visits a public baths: strangers are talking with each other and the atmosphere is colorful and friendly. For an experience of a different kind visit this bustling spa!

Banos termales privados – Baños de Cajon (private thermal bath – “Sauna in a box”) – Baños

A big variety of massages, facials, wraps, exfoliations, manicure and pedicure are offered at modest prices, in a more modern décor. Nothing to different from what you find at Strøm!

However, there is a “local specialty” treatment, the Baños de Cajon, which attracts the attention of travelers. It is advertised at the reception of all the private thermal baths and there are quite a few billboards that are promoting it. The Baños de Cajon is similar to the traditional eucalyptus steam bath. For the duration of an hour and for the low sum of $10, the treatment includes the steam bath, the cold water basin, the cold water jets and a little glass of plant liquor.

el-refugio-spa-gardenPicture : El Refugio Spa Garden

The experience starts in a big wood box. One has to sit down on a wood plank in the box while the attendant adds some eucalyptus leaves. Thereafter she closes the cover at the heights of the neck. Only the head sticks out of the box. The heat management of the steam is done via a flap/valve. After 15 minutes, the attendant lets one out of the box and pours a bucket of cold water on one’s head. Refreshing! This cycle is repeated three times. The third time, to quickly lower the body temperature, one has to sit in an ice cold water bath, while the attendant douses the head with cold water. The experience continues with the tasting of the plant liquor. And finally after another 15 minutes in the heat of the box, the treatment ends by receiving ice water jets along different lines of the body. The Baños de Cajon is known to stimulate the blood circulation, eliminate toxins, stimulate the immune system, deeply clean the skin and relax the muscles. Finally it has energizing and invigorating benefits thanks to the alternations between hot and cold.

Termas de Papallacta (Thermal baths of Papallacta) – Papallacta

How about visiting a geothermal station located deep in the mountains? Visit the village of Papallacta to relax in a breathtaking environment while enjoying the local culture!

IMG_6528Papallacta is known for its thermal springs originating from the volcano Anitsana. The water temperatures of the pools are varying from very cold to very hot, and the water is charged with sulfates, sodium and calcium. Possessing the same therapeutic virtues as the waters from Baños, the ones in Papallacta are colorless and odorless. Children are swimming in most of the pools and a friendly and happy atmosphere characterizes the site. The ambience is rather intimate because several small basins are offered to people who prefer tranquility. Soothed by the heat of the water, one admires the stunning landscape that surrounds the baths and observes the animals and the idyllic greenery. A moment of pure relaxation and discovery!



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