The use of technology for well-being

Marie-Ève Trudel

Your phone, that handy object that you always keep in reach, that plays so many roles in your life, but sometimes can also invade you… However, you can also use it to achieve your health and balance goals. Would you like to improve your meditation skills or start meditating? Here are four tools and applications that will help you in your goal, regardless of your device technology.

Nicole Bordeleau

We love her books, but Nicole Bordeleau also organizes retreats and, although not an application, she offers several free guided meditations on her website. She deals with themes such as compassion and self-confidence, and Nicole’s voice is always comforting.


INSCAPE was initially a New York meditation center that allowed its members to come and meditate at any time. Based on the popularity of the place, the founders created an application that offers a variety of guided meditations for all levels. We enjoyed the quality and variety of the sessions. Are you planning a visit to New York? The studio is beautiful and well worth the trip. (English only.)

Oprah & Deepak 21-day meditation experience

This application allows you to participate in guided online meditations and receive tips and tricks from Oprah and Deepak Chopra. In the form of 20-minute capsules and spread over a 21-day challenge, they are easy to integrate into the daily routine. They cover in-depth topics such as anxiety and stress management. We enjoy the exercises incorporated into the application, which allow us to go further in our practice. Be on the lookout, as the experience is free several times a year, all you have to do is subscribe to the newsletter. (English only.)


For beginners, Headspace seems to be the ideal application. It offers a complete meditation program in stages that begins with a 5-minute session per day. It includes an introduction to some basic principles, such as mindfulness and conscious breathing. Its founder Andi Puddicombe, is a former Buddhist monk who is now a reference in technology thanks to this application. You can enjoy a free 7-day trial.

Meditation with Petit Bambou

Meditation with Petit Bambou is the most widespread French-speaking meditation application. It offers more than 600 meditations and expert advice, and proposes a step-by-step program. The first eight sessions are free of charge. We love its playfulness, simplicity and the fact that it is in French.

The first challenge when starting meditation is to be able to integrate it into daily practice. Most applications offer easy-to-use interfaces with the option of activating reminders on phones or tablets. It shows that technology and mindfulness can go hand in hand, particularly when the former is used sparingly…



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