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      Leave books lying around your house

      Katlyne Lefebvre

      Your teenager has to register for CEGEP this year … what are ways to help? You probably think that he or she is too young to choose their orientation. If we would all do the exercise of retracing our journey, what would our conclusions be? Was it a straight line? For many, there have been detours and cross roads.

      Spicy chocolate and raspberry cream

      Strom spa nordique

      For Valentine’s Day there is nothing better than sharing a romantic moment with the love of your life. Read on and find a recipe from our bistro chef that will help you spoil and surprise your significant other. Happy Valentine’s Day!



      Strom spa nordique

      Evoking the power and tranquility of water, Strøm term borrowed from the Scandinavian languages, means a stream, but also means, in a figurative sense, energy related to movement, movement. The term Strøm illustrates the main force, channeled, which carries with it the remains of his source to power and profoundly change the course of things; expresses regeneration, the movement towards a state of balance.



      Strom spa nordique

      In an ongoing effort to support and promote local producers, the Strøm team is going to introduce you to its favorite addresses on Nuns’ Island, in Mont-Saint-Hilaire and Sherbrooke. Have fun discovering our favorites!

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