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Resonance: Sound Therapy

December 16th, 2020 by Strøm Spa Nordique

EVERYTHING IS VIBRATION — From the tiny molecule to the Universe itself. Vibrations emit sounds that the human ear does not always perceive, but that the human body absorbs. Sounds—heard consciously or unconsciously—have the power to influence the endocrine, nervous, and immune systems. The basic principle of sound therapy (sonotherapy) is the concept of resonance, which consists of the vibratory frequency of the elements. In humans, each organ, cell, bone, tissue, liquid, and electromagnetic field surrounding the body has a vibratory frequency. When we do not resonate with a part of our body, our environment, or an external event, certain vibrations become dissonant and therefore unhealthy. The practice of sonotherapy seeks to restore the harmonious frequencies of the body through therapeutic sounds in order to find a space of inner peace.


Sound resonates on matter

Traditional medicine has always included the use of sounds in its approach. In recent years, science, in turn, has taken an interest in the influence of the vibratory frequencies of sound on the human body. Remember that sound makes natural elements such as air and water vibrate. Sonic frequencies would therefore have an influence on the body, especially on the water of which we are over 80% composed. Masaru Emoto’s discoveries about water have also illustrated the reaction of water molecules to vibrations and sounds. The harmonic structure of the sound projected onto matter would create links and make it vibrate. The structure of the water would organize itself in a unique way according to the sounds, speech, and thoughts that are brought to it. Sound would resonate in the same way in our bodies as it does in water— by inducing changes on the molecular level. By modifying the external sonic frequencies, we can trigger the modification of our internal frequencies through a process of synchronization. This process, commonly called “triggering,” can be applied to the heartbeat, breathing, and brain waves. The energy of sound therefore has the power to untie physical, emotional, and psychic knots by harmonizing the metabolism.


Restoring the body’s harmonious frequencies

When a part of the human body stops vibrating harmoniously, the whole body is affected. Sonotherapy allows the body and mind to regain their full vitality by restoring their natural frequencies. It involves applying different frequencies and therapeutic sounds around the body by singing or using various tools, such as tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, quartz crystal bowls, drums, flutes, or rattles. It can be a natural complement to different therapies such as reiki, yoga, reflexology, massage, meditation, and acupuncture. Silence is the reverse polarity of sound. The sacred space. Dead time allowing the practitioner to absorb the therapeutic effect of the sound. It is as important as the sound itself. Beyond mere listening, the sound of a crystal bowl is felt. It allows the listener to immerse themselves in a haven of light at high frequencies. When the natural frequency of the human body is disturbed, the deep vibrations of the crystal bowl allow the affected organs to regain their full power, their natural frequencies— in other words, to harmonize or “tune” themselves again, like musical instruments can do.


Manifesting change

Relationship and commitment are necessary for the consistency of the therapy. The sonic frequency carries the energy, but the practitioner’s intention will also have an impact on the result. The same frequency emitted with different intentions will produce different results. When the sonic frequency combines with the force of intention, positive results become possible. The inner transformation is also reinforced by the work of vocalization, visualization, or postures. Speech, writing, and mental imagery are strong allies in manifesting the energy that is invoked.


An introduction to sound therapy at Strøm Nordic Spa


An immersive sensory experience that invites you to stop time and synchronize with the universe around you. Guided thermal circuit, holistic workshops, effervescent menu, sound therapy workshop, and more. A unique evening inspired by the mysterious influence of the lunar cycle. Low-voice conversation permitted and astral music played throughout the site.


Sound therapy


Healing frequency

These are frequencies that many sound therapists have found effective in treating various diseases and conditions. These frequencies are often based on natural cycles. By natural cycles, we refer to the cycles that influence all living beings, cycles to which our biorhythms are tuned when we are healthy—the 24-hour Earth Day cycle, the Earth Year cycle, the cycles of the Moon and Sun. Since sound is measured in seconds, any cycle measurement can be converted to a sound by raising or lowering numerous octaves.

Healing sounds

Healing sounds are those that, through resonance, bring the listener into harmony with themselves, their environment, and the cycles that build their existence.

Sound therapist

A sound therapist uses the sound of their voice or certain tools and instruments to restore physical, emotional, and psychic balance. With the help of sound, they seek to heal physical ailments such as muscle aches and pains, as well as difficult emotions such as fear, loneliness, sorrow, depressive states, and grief.

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