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Since the arrival of the good weather, the summer experience is reinvented in each of our locations. A wind of renewal blows on our terraces where the gastronomic experience invites to rediscover the freshness and flavors of the hot season. The thermal cycles are refined to harmonize the experience with a special attention on details.

On Nun’s Island, the summer circuit is completely transformed with the arrival of a new area including a barrel sauna, a pool of immersive cold water and an outdoor relaxation area with fireplace and yurt.

In Mont-Saint-Hilaire, the beautiful season offers us the opening of our summer bar, a space designed to eat and drink with a drink service unfolding to the sunny pool. Other novelties to discover: barrel sauna and refurbished yurt.

In Sherbrooke, we have on a beach full of sun to enjoy a moment of relaxation with panoramic views of the lake of Nations. Whether you are on a deckchair or both feet in the sand, you can enjoy this little paradise in lush greenery.

Finally, in Old Quebec, the summer season takes place for the first time since the opening. To discover: outdoor swings space, lush vegetation and a swimming pool with panoramic views of the St. Lawrence River.

The summer experience will be divided into 5 packages specially designed to honor all the best of the hot season. 5 different combinations of treatments, massages, gastronomy and essentials of our shops to discover in each of our four locations.

Old Quebec

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