Honey, nectar for good health!

Émilie Coulombe

Used for millenniums, around the table and in medical kits, honey has always been an important ally for our health. Frequently used in natural medicine, honey is also regaining ground in the conventional medicine of today.

The Morning Routines of Wellness Experts

Strom spa nordique

As a yoga instructor, fitness trainer or nutritionist, they all take our health and well-being to heart. Taking care of our bodies and minds, they work day after day with the same passion to come up with new programs or recipes that will give us the much needed energy to carry out all our life projects. And since the morning is the best time to be good to ourselves and prepare for our day, we met three young, active and vivacious wellness experts and asked them if they have a special morning routine. Please read on and meet…

3 creative resolutions for 2017

Marie-Ève Gosemick

New Year’s resolutions are discouraging, right? For the most part, yes. For 2017, I would like to propose to you some resolutions that are more realistic (and pleasant) to keep. New year, new ideas!

Summit Retreats

Judith Ritchie

Going on a retreat in Bhutan, the last Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas, using the energy of a vortex in Arizona to rejuvenate our soul and cleanse our karma, practicing Tai Chi in a Chinese temple in the mountains of the Silk Road … Let’s travel to the heights of the world to find ourselves.

10 ideas to boost your creativity

Marie-Ève Gosemick

Creativity is not just the business of a handful of chosen people. Some simply express it more freely than others. Here are 10 ideas to bring your creativity to the next level.

Meditation at your fingertips: 8 original places to meditate

Marie-Ève Trudel

When your live becomes too stressful, what do you do to calm yourself? How, in your everyday life, are you able to relax? By running? Having dinner with friends? Enjoying a glass of wine? Having an evening with (or without) your children? Participating in a yoga class?

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