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The Morning Routines of Wellness Experts

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As a yoga instructor, fitness trainer or nutritionist, they all take our health and well-being to heart. Taking care of our bodies and minds, they work day after day with the same passion to come up with new programs or recipes that will give us the much needed energy to carry out all our life projects. And since the morning is the best time to be good to ourselves and prepare for our day, we met three young, active and vivacious wellness experts and asked them if they have a special morning routine. Please read on and meet…

Fall and Winter Trends 2016

Marianne Caron

Between ultra-natural and outrageous, the beauty trends of this season revisit the classic looks of past seasons and are favoring texture. Here now a few easy steps to create your favorite holiday looks.

Summer fragrances: our tips

Ruby Brown

This summer, aquatic, floral and fruity notes will transport you to beautiful horizons. Before you choose your fresh and sunny fragrance, discover the following tips by Ruby Brown, founder of Essence Workshop, the first company to offer workshops to create customized perfumes.

Spring is synonymous with revival… and spring cleaning!

Marianne Caron

I always take advantage of the changing seasons to modify my beauty routine, pay myself a good facial treatment and test the trends of the moment. We adapt our products to the changing temperature and offer ourselves a good ” spring cleaning ” scrub to have healthy skin that is ready to face the summer.


Judith Ritchie
ZZE - Espace Vitalité Chenot3

From the rejuvenating check-up to the oxygenating retreat, five international retreats make waves in the global beauty industry to help renew the vital energy.

An healthy and hydrated skin this winter

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Here we go! Winter storms, blowing winds and the freezing cold have arrived at our door steps. Let’s go and put on the winter clothes to beat those unbearably cold temperatures, none the less we always end up back inside to warm up. Going from the cold outside air to the dry and heated inside air is a very drastic change for our skin. The skin feels like it is constantly being tugged, red spots often appear on the cheekbones and they can also cause skin dander (dead, superficial skin cells).

Here are some recommendations from our aestheticians for healthy and hydrated skin this winter.

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