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History and values ORIGIN OF THE WORD "STRØM"

Evoking both the force and the tranquility of water, the Scandinavian word Strøm designates a current and, figuratively, water’s incredible strength, constant movement and energy, as well as its serenity. Strøm communicates the mighty power of water, whose essence, once channeled, profoundly nourishes and transforms, and it conveys a source of purity that regenerates inner balance and harmony.



Strøm was created from a simple idea: to combine a Nordic spa with urbanity, for a relaxing and energizing experience. We think we found the perfect balance – and hopefully so will our clients – between the installations in the countryside, yet being only minutes away from urban areas.

Officially opened in 2009, Strøm is the realization of years of work, during which the owners have designed the entire project, from land acquisition and implementation of the plans to building the spa.

Since its opening, Strøm continues to grow, in terms of business growth and also in its recognition by the public and in tourism.

The owners of the company, Guillaume Lemoine and Anne Joyal are proud to have acquired Strøm spa Mont-Saint-Hilaire in spring 2014. Since that acquisition, Strøm diversifies its products and services to provide our customers an outstanding and unparalleled experience.

In December 2016, a brand new Strøm opened its doors in Sherbrooke. The 20,000-square-foot facility at the shore of Lac des Nations offers the same services as the first two spas located on Nuns’ Island and in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, including thermotherapy, massage therapy and aesthetic treatments for body, face and nails.


Our mission is to create a unique relaxing experience of high quality, in a natural environment close to urban areas, promoting the healing of body and mind.


At Strøm you will be welcomed by a passionate team of employees. We consider every single one of them a partner, reflecting our values. Employees who act with integrity and respect at all times, who demonstrate expertise and professionalism and who care about the well-being of our customers exceeding their expectations. In addition, the environmental choices we make show one of our core values: our respect for the environment.

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