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All our services are available again. Enjoy our enchanting sites, the thermal experience (including saunas and steam baths), our indoor and outdoor relaxation areas as well as our dining rooms and terraces. Massage therapy and beauty treatments also remain available.

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We all know someone, up close or from afar, who devotes herself or himself daily to a loved one. And these peer supporters and caregivers deserve to be taken care of in return. We wanted to thank these courageous and inspiring people through the creation of a special program: Strøm Foundation – Caregiver.

On a personal note, this cause is particularly close to my heart, since my mother, Jacqueline, has been a caregiver since the birth of my sister Véronique, who suffers from Angelman syndrome. I know that for my mother, the moments she has to take care of herself are rare and precious. This is where my most genuine wish for the Foundation comes from: to offer caregivers a break from their daily lives so that they can refocus and regain their vitality, and therefore have the strength to continue.

– Guillaume Lemoine, president of Strøm Nordic Spa


You ensure the balance and stability around you ; give us a moment of your time to do the same for you

Caregivers are always there, present, attentive and caring. They accompany a loved one, a relative, or a spouse through difficult times, representing balance in hardship. They are the source of comfort for those who struggle every day. For those people who give so much without expecting anything in return, we have created the Strøm Foundation – Caregiver, in order for them to enjoy a moment of their own. We would like to be at their side as much as we can, welcoming them in order for them to recharge their batteries, energize and refocus, so they are able to continue to offer what is most precious: balance, courage and serenity.


A caregiver is defined by Statistics Canada as follows: “{caregivers are} individuals aged 15 years and older providing help or care within the past 12 months to either someone with a long-term health condition or a physical or mental disability, or someone with problems related to aging.” The responsibilities of a caregiver are infinite; they are of professional, medical, domestic and managerial nature, of moral support, etc., just to name a few. Many caregivers do not see themselves as such. In their eyes they are doing their family duty or simply offering a helping hand to someone who needs it. Accompanying a person with disabilities may seem very normal, especially if you are helping someone who is significant to you (spouse, father, mother, etc.). However, recognizing yourself as a caregiver helps you realize the importance of the work you do. If this text speaks to you or interests you and you would like to learn more, we invite you to contact L’APPUI of your region.


Strøm Nordic spa contacted the non-profit organization L’APPUI, in order to be assisted and guided in the development of its project. L’APPUI allows caregivers of seniors to receive personalized support throughout their journey, during which a counsellor will help them define their network and needs, inform them about the services that are available to them in their region or establish the ones that would be useful to them, and recognize their skills and strengths, their difficulties and limitations. Thanks to this conscientious support and the knowledge of the caregivers’ organization, Strøm is able to offer free services adapted to the caregivers’ needs: access to the thermal experience, skin treatments, massage therapy, meditation, relaxation rooms, access for people with reduced mobility, meals and snacks, etc. The offer is adapted to the specific needs of each caregiver allowing him or her to derive the greatest possible benefit. The collaboration between L’APPUI and Strøm enables us to take charge even before the first call for an appointment at Strøm is made. It allows the organization to validate the interest and needs of the candidates, Strøm then takes care of the first contact with the caregiver. Strøm also wants to avoid any additional hassle and stress that may be associated with a new experience. To accomplish this, a Strøm employee is completely dedicated to the caregivers. The Strøm employee serves as a contact point for all questions before, during and after the stay. He or she will also validate the caregivers’ needs and propose activities and services adapted to their needs. In addition, the caregiver will be accompanied throughout the day by Strøm’s dedicated staff.

Presentation of the offer


Hydrotherapy, which has been practised for centuries in “thermal baths” or spas, is a well-being ritual based on the external use of water for therapeutic purposes. This ritual based on alternating hot and cold temperatures followed by a period of intense relaxation has many benefits. In particular, it reduces stress and revives the body and mind. To learn more about the steps of the cycle and the complete list of hydrotherapy benefits, click here.


Several studies prove it: relaxation brought about by massage has beneficial effects on health. Integrated into a healthy lifestyle, a massage provides energy and balance.


Our team of experienced beauticians gives the best care, providing visible results in addition to offer you a deep relaxation.


Accepting the gift offered by the Strøm Foundation – Caregiver, is about living an invigorating experience for the body, heart and soul and feeling in the most profound way what it means that someone, somewhere wants to take care of you. In return, it is also a way to honour not only the generosity of the creators of this Foundation but also those who participate in it.

Raymonde, Sherbrooke

I am a caregiver for my mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. I have to support her in many aspects of her life and deal with grief related to her illness on a regular basis. Strøm allowed me to take a break and recharge my batteries. I was well received by their professional staff in first-class facilities. Thank you for that wonderful attention.

Julie, Sherbrooke

Our visit was extremely satisfying, a Zen urban site, we didn’t feel like we were in the middle of a city. Really good and tasty meals, courteous service, the treatments were excellent, perfect to relieve our daily stress. We had a great day, an experience to be repeated without a doubt.

Carole-Anne, Sherbrooke

Frequently asked questions

Be sure to take a quick shower before starting the cycle. Use a towel to sit down on the sauna and hammam bench.

Take note that the highest bench will be warmer than the lowest: start on the bottom and work your way up.

Listen to your body and be aware of your personal heat tolerance and don’t push your body too far. Stop your activity immediately if you feel unwell.

Drink plenty of water to replace lost fluids throughout the whole experience.

Under no circumstances are you required to do the thermal experience if you feel weak. Our beauty or massage therapy team will be happy to take care of you.

Under no circumstances are you required to do the thermal experience if your health does not allow it. Our beauty or massage therapy team will be happy to take care of you.

Some of our reflexology massages are performed over clothing. Our aestheticians will be happy to give you a facial treatment, manicure or pedicure. And you are always welcome in our bistro with its delicious meals and snacks.

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Due to the health situation, we cannot accept new registrations at this time. If you are already on the list, we will contact you as soon as the situation allows, and we will be happy to welcome you in our facilities at the appropriate time. This page will be updated as soon as we are able to accept new registrations. Thank you for your understanding.

Additional resources

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The current confinement and general uncertainty can lead to stress for caregivers, who find themselves forced to be present for their loved one in a way never experienced before. With the renewed goal of reaching out to caregivers, Strøm offers a caring page of content, resources and activities to help you manage stress and get through this trying time more easily.